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Panorama 1453 Museum in Istanbul


556 years after the conquest, you will choose to be a soldier in Mehmed II.'s army, an inderpendent observer or a foreign traveller, wittnessing once again the conquest of Istanbul; and you will watch live events there. You will touch the cannons made by urban, the Hungarian master of arms; you will wittness, how they pound Constantinople's fortresses. You will hear thousands of soldiers of the Sultan praising God, you will hear the Mehter, the Ottoman army band, playing. Maybe you will join them singing. You will hear cavalry horses in gallop, swords clattering against each other, arrows hissing away near your ear.

This is Topkapi, the place where the fiercest battle of the Constantinople siege took place, where the unscalable walls were overcome, where the day that the blessed soldiers had awaited occurred…This is the door that opened onto the conquest of Constantinople…Here you will witness the conquest of Constantinople once again and experience the moment when the soldiers entered the city, almost exactly as it happened. You will witness the explosion of the cannonballs, cast by the Hungarian cannon expert Urban, and see them flung at the walls of Constantinople. The battle cry of Sultan Mehmed II’s soldiers and the sound of the marches played by the Janissary band will accompany you.

You are invited to the Conquest of Constantinople! This area, which fourteen years ago was a bus terminal, is today the location of Topkapi Cultural Park. On the left you can see the Edirnekapı Walls. Straight ahead, you can see the Topkapı Walls, the point where the Ottoman soldiers entered Constantinople. Here you can witness an important moment in history, the fall of Constantinople; it was this event that gave Sultan Mehmet II his title of Fatih (the Conqueror).

Visiting Hours:
Weekday: 09:00-18:30
Weekend: 09:00-18:30
Address: Topkapi Kültür Parki Merkez
Efendi Mahallesi Topkapi -
Zeytinburnu / Istanbul
Tel: 0212 415 1453
Fax:0212 664 1964



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